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Multifocal strategy to fight cancer

Within Mad for Cancer we use a multidisciplinary approach to defeat cancer. We utilize knowledge from research areas such as cancer stem cells, immuno-oncology, tumor micro-environment, and the psychological effect on cancer. This approach has been very rewarding, and the outcome was presented in DN today.

We know today that knowledge from several different therapy areas is needed to increase the chances of defeating cancer. At CREATE Health, the strategic research center for translational cancer research at Lund University, projects are therefore conducted that work multidisciplinary to combat cancer in the best possible way.

Within CREATE Health, projects are conducted that attack cancer from several different angles by utilizing knowledge about, among other things, cancer stem cells, the tumor's microenvironment, immuno-oncology and the psychological effect on cancer and its treatment.

According to Dr. Ulrika Axelsson, Deputy Center Director at CREATE Health, is another important focus area for early diagnosis and improved diagnostic methods.

- When it comes to the different types of cancer that are examined, we focus primarily on pancreatic, breast, ovarian and prostate cancers; four cancers where there is a great clinical need.

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