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Technical advances of the recombinant antibody microarray technology platform for clinical immunoproteomics

  • Payam Delfani
  • Linda Dexlin Mellby
  • Malin Nordström
  • Andreas Holmér
  • Mattias Ohlsson
  • Carl A K Borrebaeck
  • Christer Wingren
Publishing year: 2016-07-01
Language: English
Publication/Series: PLoS ONE
Volume: 11
Issue: 7
Document type: Journal article
Publisher: Public Library of Science

Abstract english

In the quest for deciphering disease-associated biomarkers, high-performing tools for multiplexed protein expression profiling of crude clinical samples will be crucial. Affinity proteomics, mainly represented by antibody-based microarrays, have during recent years been established as a proteomic tool providing unique opportunities for parallelized protein expression profiling. But despite the progress, several main technical features and assay procedures remains to be (fully) resolved. Among these issues, the handling of protein microarray data, i.e. the biostatistics parts, is one of the key features to solve. In this study, we have therefore further optimized, validated, and standardized our in-house designed recombinant antibody microarray technology platform. To this end, we addressed the main remaining technical issues (e.g. antibody quality, array production, sample labelling, and selected assay conditions) and most importantly key biostatistics subjects (e.g. array data pre-processing and biomarker panel condensation). This represents one of the first antibody array studies in which these key biostatistics subjects have been studied in detail. Here, we thus present the next generation of the recombinant antibody microarray technology platform designed for clinical immunoproteomics.


  • Medical Biotechnology


  • ISSN: 1932-6203
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