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Åke Borg

Åke Borg

Principal investigator

Åke Borg

MiRNA expression in urothelial carcinomas: Important roles of miR-10a, miR-222, miR-125b, miR-7 and miR-452 for tumor stage and metastasis, and frequent homozygous losses of miR-31.


  • Srinivas Veerla
  • David Lindgren
  • Anders Kvist
  • Attila Frigyesi
  • Johan Staaf
  • Helena Persson
  • Fredrik Liedberg
  • Gunilla Chebil
  • Sigurdur Gudjonsson
  • Åke Borg
  • Wiking Månsson
  • Carlos Rovira
  • Mattias Höglund

Summary, in English

We analyzed 34 cases of urothelial carcinomas by miRNA, mRNA and genomic profiling. Unsupervised hierarchical clustering using expression information for 300 miRNAs produced 3 major clusters of tumors corresponding to Ta, T1 and T2-T3 tumors, respectively. A subsequent SAM analysis identified 51 miRNAs that discriminated the 3 pathological subtypes. A score based on the expression levels of the 51 miRNAs, identified muscle invasive tumors with high precision and sensitivity. MiRNAs showing high expression in muscle invasive tumors included miR-222 and miR-125b and in Ta tumors miR-10a. A miRNA signature for FGFR3 mutated cases was also identified with miR-7 as an important member. MiR-31, located in 9p21, was found to be homozygously deleted in 3 cases and miR-452 and miR-452* were shown to be over expressed in node positive tumors. In addition, these latter miRNAs were shown to be excellent prognostic markers for death by disease as outcome. The presented data shows that pathological subtypes of urothelial carcinoma show distinct miRNA gene expression signatures. (c) 2009 Wiley-Liss, Inc.


  • Division of Clinical Genetics
  • Breastcancer-genetics
  • Cardiology
  • Urology

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International Journal of Cancer



Document type

Journal article


John Wiley & Sons Inc.


  • Cancer and Oncology



Research group

  • Urology


  • ISSN: 0020-7136