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The non-coding RNA of the multidrug resistance-linked vault particle encodes multiple regulatory small RNAs.

  • Helena Persson
  • Anders Kvist
  • Johan Vallon-Christersson
  • Patrik Medstrand
  • Åke Borg
  • Carlos Rovira
Publishing year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 1268-1271
Publication/Series: Nature Cell Biology
Volume: 11
Issue: 10
Document type: Journal article
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group

Abstract english

Vault particles are conserved organelles implicated in multidrug resistance and intracellular transport. They contain three different proteins and non-coding vault RNAs (vRNAs). Here we show that human vRNAs produce several small RNAs (svRNAs) by mechanisms different from those in the canonical microRNA (miRNA) pathway. At least one of these svRNAs, svRNAb, associates with Argonaute proteins to guide sequence-specific cleavage and regulate gene expression similarly to miRNAs. We demonstrate that svRNAb downregulates CYP3A4, a key enzyme in drug metabolism. Our findings expand the repertoire of small regulatory RNAs and assign, for the first time, a function to vRNAs that may help explain the association between vault particles and drug resistance.


  • Cancer and Oncology
  • Microbiology in the medical area


  • CREATE Health
  • Clinical Virology, Malmö
  • Cancer and non coding RNA
  • ISSN: 1465-7392
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